Introducing CricTez

The Ultimate Cricket Collectibles (NFT) Platform on Tezos

At a time when Tezos is being praised as the center for NFTs, we’re thrilled to announce CricTez, a first-of-its-kind Sports Collectible platform on the Tezos ecosystem.

The market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) blew up this year to a whopping $2.5 billion. Last year the same NFT market stood at $13.7 million (first half of 2020). This accounts to a ≈18,000% mammoth increase over the past year.

CricTez is a non-fungible token(NFT) sports platform primarily focused on cricket. The platform’s primary notion is the representation of cricket players as NFTs. These NFTs are wrapped as ‘cards’ or ‘collectibles’ with their unique attributes and the card scores. These cards are divided into three tiers based on their rarity: standard, rare, and epic. They can be collected through drops where newly minted cards by the platform are auctioned or collected through the marketplace where other collectors place their owned cards on sale. In addition, CricTez shall host fantasy matches where collectors can engage in an enjoyable game using their owned cards.

What makes our cards unique?

Every card is a non-fungible token stored on IPFS and secured by the Tezos blockchain. The card features the original artwork of a cricket player and its unique characteristics. Every card features a card number that makes it unique throughout the platform. Take a look at the above represented epic card stored over IPFS here.

Collectible Tiers

CricTez offers 3 card tiers to suit your fandom!

Standard Tier - With 70+ cards every season per player, this is the most plentiful tier on the platform. Standard cards come in a variety of vivid colors that correspond to the player’s team.

Rare Tier - Rare is a moderately scarce card tier on the platform, with only 25 cards every season per player. Rare cards are clearly distinguishable with a premium chrome finish and dark background.

Epic Tier - This tier has the highest rarity on the platform with only 5 cards each season per player. Epic cards have the most luxurious appearance, with a golden sheen and distinct aesthetics.

What can you do on CricTez?

Collect - The platform mints Limited edition cards to be collected by users, each representing a player. These cards can be obtained from timely drops where cards are auctioned and users can bid on them.

Play - These cards can be used to Play the fantasy game to be hosted on the platform, this adds a layer of gamification. Depending upon the real performance of players the card score changes.

Trade - Users can increase card score, and then ultimately Tarde it for a higher price. CricTez presents an opportunity for users to monetize their skills. The cards can be traded on the marketplace for a fixed price

What Next?

The platform kickstarted as a part of Tezos India Fellowship 2020 and has now reached a stage where we can proudly unveil it to the community. Our developers are sprinting hard to bring CricTez to you. With the guidance from Tezos India & TzAPAC, we are confident that this will kick off soon 🚀.

Till then, stay tuned and stay safe! For more info follow us on:

Website -
Twitter -
Discord -




A first-of-its-kind Sports Collectible platform on the Tezos ecosystem.

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A first-of-its-kind Sports Collectible platform on the Tezos ecosystem.

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